Up to 30% Off

Website Design | Website Maintenance | SSL Certificate | Social Media Management | Company Profile | e-Commerce Facility

Mobile Optimised Website - 3 Pages (15% OFF)

The website will be responsive (adapt automatically) according to all devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)
This includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programming - Keywords integration
Google Map - custom designed maps will be charged for
Photo editing
Also includes 2 demo designs and a 1 stage editing process

Basic Website Maintenance (20% OFF)

Updating of the scripts running in the back-end of your website and the system that "operates" your website.
This will extend the lifespan of your website.
It will ensure that your website remains interactive and up to date, even whilst technology is continuously changing.
Should your website be optimised for mobile devices, this process will ensure that it adapts properly on the latest models.
Furthermore, it will make sure that your website is less vulnerable for viruses and cyber attacks.

Social Media Management (20% OFF)

Creating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin Profile
Management of Above Mentioned Pages
Adding Initial Content
Sending Email Invitations
Monthly Stat Report
Monthly Ranking Report
Providing images and text for all posts (basic text to be provided by client)
Offering Up to 30 Minutes of Our Experts’ Time Per Week

SSL Certificate (15% OFF)

Offering 99+% browser compatibility
256 bit SSL encryption
Domain validated

e-Commerce Facility (30% OFF)

You must have a WordPress website
Includes shopping cart facility
Loading of up to 30 products (text, price and photos)
PayFast integration – refer to www.payfast.co.za
Sourcing of photos, if necessary

Company Profile - 4 Pages (30% OFF)

Converted to PDF format
Client to supply basic information and photos