Social media managers, do you feel like you are constantly glued to your screen — whether it’s your laptop or phone screen? Do you feel like just as one meeting ends the next one begins? “Well, we’ve got some news for you: You are not alone!” says the team at amaSocial.

Many companies have encouraged employees to work from home and, although there have been many benefits to this, a lot of people are starting to burn out. This is especially true for people working in the social media space.

You always need to be on top of new and emerging trends, ensuring that the messages you put out resonate well with an audience that constantly wants new content, all while balancing incoming business.

So, what exactly is causing the slump? Let’s get into it:

Working overtime

You don’t have to sit in traffic, and your laptop is already open … so why not work a few hours extra? Afterall, you want to prove your worth to your team and manager, right? This must be the biggest reason for burnout because instead of working normal hours, you start making it a norm to work overtime.

It is essential to have a healthy balance between your work-life and personal life. You need to make time for yourself to focus on your mental health and allow for creativity. If you are constantly working, your creative juices will start running low and, for a social media manager, creativity is the key to having outstanding content. So, not good!

Virtual meetings

Since humans are social beings by nature, having virtual meetings and not real life ones can prove to be tiring. Since people don’t actually have to meet up at the office or a coffee shop, it can happen that you start pushing more meetings into your schedule than usual. This can lead to fatigue and can be overstimulating.

Therefore, you need to focus on having a set amount of meetings daily and not overdo it; again, it is all about having balance.

Three tips to beat the slump:

  1. Take a proper lunch — Instead of having lunch at your desk, go eat outside and get some fresh air.
  2. Go for a walk — Working from home means that you are moving a lot less, so be sure to set a reminder for yourself to get up and stretch your legs every hour — even if you just walk to the kitchen to get some coffee.
  3. Set digital boundaries — Don’t be afraid to inform people that there are certain times you won’t be responding to messages on social media. Be sure to set time aside to focus on something other than your phone.